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The Mozaique: Post Holiday Blues

Post Holiday Blues January 6, 2015 At the end of every year, I give thanks. Thanks for my perseverance, my hard work, not giving up. Thanks for my family and friends who encourage me and remind me to push through, to reach further, higher. Thanks for all the work that came in. Thanks for all […]

The Mozaique: The Beginnings

The Beginnings January 6, 2015 If you are reading this, I can only assume you like theatre, film, arts, and actors. I am an actor. So maybe you’ll like me. Hopefully, you’ll be interested in reading my perspective through this blog. (Here is where I point out that these will be my opinions, thoughts, ideas, […]

The E.D. Types: WhooSaaaah

WhooSaaaah January 3, 2015 The second half of 2014 seemed to speed by, and December arrived to find me a little worse for wear. Truth is, when it comes to my life and sense of self, I am a control freak.  Encountering situations that force me to play catch-up, and where my ability to manage […]

The E.D. Types: A Gathering Moment

A Gathering Moment  November 24, 2014 This evening I had the pleasure of assisting at my first AGM as ED. We rarely get the chance to gather as a community, so despite the pressure of the moment, I was really looking forward to it. AGMs are basically dry events, where we review the challenges and […]

The E.D. Types: Celebrating Excellence

Celebrating Excellence October 7, 2014 What do the METAs mean to us at The Quebec Drama Federation? An opportunity to gather the community together, and collectively say, “We bare witness, and, we celebrate you.” To the Emerging Artist, toiling in what feels to them as the shadows, the METAs say, we bear witness. To the […]

The E.D. Types: Launching into Fall

Launching into Fall September 8, 2014 After the very warm weather of the past couple of weeks, I am more than happy to welcome fall. What better way to project myself forward, than the coming attractions on offer at the QDF Fall 2014 Launch.  Having sat in that audience before, at the Segal Centre, I […]