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The E.D. Types: Celebrating Excellence

Celebrating Excellence October 7, 2014 What do the METAs mean to us at The Quebec Drama Federation? An opportunity to gather the community together, and collectively say, “We bare witness, and, we celebrate you.” To the Emerging Artist, toiling in what feels to them as the shadows, the METAs say, we bear witness. To the […]

The E.D. Types: Launching into Fall

Launching into Fall September 8, 2014 After the very warm weather of the past couple of weeks, I am more than happy to welcome fall. What better way to project myself forward, than the coming attractions on offer at the QDF Fall 2014 Launch.  Having sat in that audience before, at the Segal Centre, I […]

The E.D. Types: Starting off with a Thwack!

Starting off with a Thwack! July 21, 2014  My first community challenge this year’s was the QDF Softball Tournament.  What a wonderful way to start! No matter how others describe something, I don’t really get it until I see/live it myself. So while my team buised about, efficiently preparing for the event, I was nervous […]

The E.D. Types: Merging

Merging July 3, 2014 What’s it like to take on the Executive Director’s role at QDF? Imagine that you’re driving in a familiar, yet different city. It is rush hour and you have to merge onto a highway, at a spot where it is also intersecting and merging with several other highways. Add to this that […]


A Community Built on Exchange One of the greatest gifts I have received as I take up the reigns, is the willingness of members to share their time with me, and to allow me to see the theatre world though their eyes. While I am no where done my exploration, I can say that our […]