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The E.D. Types: Starting off with a Thwack!

Starting off with a Thwack! July 21, 2014  My first community challenge this year’s was the QDF Softball Tournament.  What a wonderful way to start! No matter how others describe something, I don’t really get it until I see/live it myself. So while my team buised about, efficiently preparing for the event, I was nervous […]

The E.D. Types: Merging

Merging July 3, 2014 What’s it like to take on the Executive Director’s role at QDF? Imagine that you’re driving in a familiar, yet different city. It is rush hour and you have to merge onto a highway, at a spot where it is also intersecting and merging with several other highways. Add to this that […]


A Community Built on Exchange One of the greatest gifts I have received as I take up the reigns, is the willingness of members to share their time with me, and to allow me to see the theatre world though their eyes. While I am no where done my exploration, I can say that our […]