Behind the Curtain: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Quebec Drama Federation with Andrew Morissey (Hedwig), Noelle Hannibal (Producer and Yitzhak), Elisabeth Nyveen (Stage Manager) and Nadia Verrucci (director)

QDF: Can you tell us about your relationship(s) to the original film and broadway production Hedwig and the Angry Inch? How would you say In the Wings’ Hedwig is different to past productions?

Andrew Morisphy: I first stumbled upon the movie in high school having no idea what it was and fell in love with it. I realized how big of a cult-classic it is after. I saw it on Broadway a couple of years after with Michael C. Hall and reinforced my love for the show.

Noelle Hannibal: I first saw the show open in Hollywood in 1998. I went every single weekend for the six-month run, I loved it so much. Ian our Music Director and Nadia our Director were at my house and I asked if they had heard of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and they soon fell in love with it too.

Elizabeth Nyveen: My mom was super into the Hedwig soundtrack and introduced it to me when I was younger. I knew a few songs and for a long time I had no idea they were from Hedwig. She sat me down and we watched it together. I’ve never seen a live-production of it, so working on it right now is a nice introduction to it.

NH: I like that the broadway show is big and splashy, and I feel like a club like Mado is bringing it back in some ways. It’s such a beautiful show, and is so timely in the themes. Who doesn’t want to find love? Who hasn’t had their heart broken?

AM: I agree. Something that Nadia is making sure we’re doing is that it’s paired back and from a realistic view. It’s very different from the Broadway show that I saw where there was a lot of spectacle to it. I think it’s special to do it in such an intimate space.

Nadia Verucci: I’ve been approached by so many people who love the show and who’ve ever only seen the movie and never a live-performance. I’m so excited for those people to come and see this show because it is so different from the film.

NH: We had that in the audition process also. The majority of those we auditioned had only ever seen the film.

QDF: Noelle had touched on the theme of love and heartbreak. Are there any other themes in Hedwig you can speak to?

EN: It’s famously a queer show. Not just with sexuality but with gender. For my identity personally, I think it’s strong in presenting both of those. I find it really relevant today especially where we’re going through a gender renaissance where trans people have been making strides with obstacles before them. Doing Hedwig in this political and social climate is really important to see.

QDF: Can you tell us a bit about your direction for this production Nadia?

NV: I’m really mean.

NH: She’s not mean, she’s tough. What I can say is that Nadia’s toughness has made me a better actor in my approaches and how I work, and why I always ask to work with her. Her vision is what makes this show special.

NV: It always makes me laugh when people say ‘vision’. When I’m in rehearsal I usually see something and know where to go rather than walking in knowing exactly what I want to do, I find that limiting.

NH: For Andrew and I, right off the bat, we connected and I think that’s important for this show. Where the band is onstage.

AM: There’s also a sense of play where Nadia lets us try a scene so many different ways  that makes us feel that we are a large part of the process and ownership.

QDF: Oh, the band is on stage?

NV: They are, and they participate!

NH: It’s the whole connection and a piece to what makes a shiny glittery puzzle.


You can see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Cabaret Mado, 1115 St Catherine St E, Montreal, QC H2L 2G2, Tickets on sale NOW! Visit the website here.

Book by John Cameron Mitchell Music and Lyrics by Stephen Trask

Directed by Nadia Verrucci

Musical Direction by Ian Baird

Production Support Jayne Heitmeyer


VIP $35 (plus service fee) Includes Reserved, front row Seating and a non alcoholic beverage

General Admission $25 (plus service fee)

Students and Seniors $20 (plus service fee)

CAEA/ACTRA/UdA/QDF $20 (plus service fee)


*Hedwig and the Angry Inch co-creator, composer and lyricist STEPHEN TRASK will be present on Opening Night for a talk back performance, November 14!

**Thursday, November 15 performance will be a special charity night. $5 from every ticket sold with go directly to Project 10. In addition, proceeds from raffle ticket sales from ALL performances will also go directly to Project 10.