Behind the Curtain: Within The Glass

With Dale Hayes!

Photo credit: James Douglas

Quebec Drama Federation: Within The Glass is written by Concordia alumna Anna Chatterton. Had you seen a performance of it before?

Dale Hayes: No, I hadn’t seen Within The Glass before. We read it and the play hit the criteria we look for: simple set, moving in real time, and interesting and contrasting characters while keeping with  d² productions’ mandate to produce and showcase Canadian playwrights.  The simplicity and humanity of the play resonates with d²’s own voice, which eased in our decision to produce it.

QDF: You and the Assistant Director Max Mehran also did the set design! How has it been creating this vision for the production?

DH: It was pretty easy actually. The play is in real time and spans over 90 minutes. We therefore, have no set changes, or lighting and sound cues. We wanted to create a set that was as simple as possible but yet illustrates Darah and Michael’s social status, which is one of the key element in the play.  We are very fortunate and grateful that Primo International supplied all the set pieces.  The Segal Studio space is intimate thus we created a set that adds to the intimacy by giving a sense that the audience is looking through peep holes as the characters move through the evening.

QDF: Can you talk a bit about the production’s themes and their relevance today?

DH: What defines motherhood? Is it nature or nurture? Is it a morality or legality? What does it truly mean to be a parent? For reasons like pursuing a career, couples today are waiting until they are much older to start families. Consequently, they experience difficulties when conceiving and turn to IVF clinics for help. The play is an emotional minefield sprinkled with very funny moments. Anna Chatterton did a great job balancing the serious and tense moments with lighter and comedic ones.

QDF: What are you hoping for audiences to take away from the production?  

DH: I want the audience to leave discussing the issues raised during the play and, more importantly, ask themselves: “What would I do?”  Anna carefully crafted this difficult but very real human experience in order to possibly suggest that a mother’s love could trump science.

You can see Within The Glass at The Segal Centre from March 27- March 31! Tickets are available here. Thanks Dale for taking the time.