BEST LAID PLANS: Ryan Bommarito

I came to Quebec on a whim. In 2015. In December. 

I thought I would stay for 3 months.

It turned into 4 years.

And counting.

Life has a funny way of skewing plans.

I came here because I heard Montreal was a cool city to live in.

I stayed because I grew to agree with the sentiment.

Likewise, the English theatre scene intrigues me greatly. I am continually inspired and motivated by its constant consideration towards theatre’s function within a society. What do stories do to people, how are they told, and by whom? There is a responsibility to the greater impact that underlies a lot of work here, that I love. 

I’ve also experienced an incredible amount of support here: be it developing TOMORROW, founding Hooks and Crooks, initiating Freefalling Monthly, or planning The Creation Lab – there have always been people eager help make it happen.

Because of these things, I feel that my future here, in this city, and in this province, calls for much work. Due to this community’s focus on addressing socio-economic inequality, and its tendency to challenge the status-quo, I’ve been swept up into a greater concern regarding our future on this planet. Projections call for some harrowing new normals regarding extreme weather, and its impacts. Human caused C02 emissions are fast-tracking global warming to the point that socio-economic collapse is expected as early as 2050. This, I cannot stress enough, is real, and approaching rapidly. My future here, as an artist, is definitely one of working to inform, inspire and motivate action. Radical action is required if we hope to ensure a vibrant future for Quebec theatre, radical action is required to ensure a vibrant future for ourselves.

Life has a funny way of skewing plans.

-Ryan Bommarito