BEST LAID PLANS: Tim Rodrigues

 The plan was to move to Montréal to study Contemporary Dance, earn my BFA and move back to Toronto for Teachers College. Clearly, there was a change in plans. After completing my BFA & studying Lighting Design briefly, I decided to stay in Québec, and start my career here in Montréal. I stayed because I felt being in Québec would give me an opportunity to continue learning alongside skilled technicians, brilliant lighting designers and talented performers in multiple disciplines, instead of going into a situation where I felt I would not have a chance to see as much up close, right away. In my opinion, the variety of opportunities to work on festivals and with independent companies or touring companies in Québec, is unparalleled.

Over the course of my career, I’ve never stopped learning, I am always challenged and feel as though I am constantly growing & shifting inside of my creative process. I do believe that this is largely due to the diverse & rich nature of performing arts that we have access to in this province. It’s as though creative energy never stops coursing through the veins of the artistic communities here and they all seemingly influence each other at some point. The opportunities to observe, participate in, learn from or connect with moments/movements are so tangible here. 

Having had the opportunity to tour inside Québec and abroad, I have seen affect our work can have as it ripples outwards, as much as we feel the effects of tides that flow in and out of our immediate community. I want to stay involved in the creation of these ripples that start in our community and move across our country, whether that’s contributing through my work as a Lighting Designer or through my duties as Vice-President of the Board of Directors for Mainline Theatre/Montréal Fringe, or one day acting as a mentor to creatives & designers. 

A visible & vocal community that fosters growth & respect, evolves with our times to reflect the community’s diversity and champions one another, is what I hope for, for the future of Québec Theatre.

-Tim Rodrigues