General Auditions

QDF General Auditions

 Open Call for Actors & Designers

The Quebec Drama Federation is announcing the upcoming Montreal General Auditions to be held on December 12 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM and December 13 from 10:30 AM to 5:00PM.

This is an open call to both Union and Non-union actors and designers; However, as per Equity requirements, Equity members will be given first priority and non-members will be issued the remaining slots.

In addition, the participating casting professionals are committed to diverse and inclusive casting that engages qualified performers, without regard to age, disability, ethno-cultural identity, gender, or any other basis prohibited by law. Priority will be given to artists who self-identify as BIPOC and/or living with disabilities, and to those auditioning for the first time at the annual general auditions.
Please indicate such when submitting your headshot.

Those who participated in last year’s General Auditions ARE eligible for this years auditions.


Those auditioning will be asked to prepare:

  • Two contrasting monologues of a maximum of two minutes each. (Film slides will not be accepted.)

    You may choose a song for your second piece. If this is the case, please indicate such when submitting as we will only have an accompanist for the first day and will be scheduling everyone auditioning with a song as a second piece on December 12. 
  • Submit your Head Shot and Resume in PDF format and clearly indicate your union status (EQUITY, UDA, ACTRA: Full member or Apprentice). Please ensure that your Resume is ONE PAGE ONLY and includes an email address and phone number.

All submissions will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis.
Time slots will be allotted and confirmed by email on Monday December 3.

*This call does not apply to graduating or current students from the Montreal and Quebec region Theatre Training Institutions.  Auditions will be held for graduates separately in the Spring of 2019. 

UdA, Non-Equity applicants may apply; however, audition slots will depend on the remaining spaces available. Priority is given to Equity and ACTRA members.

*Auditions will be in English.
The deadline for submissions is: December 3rd at 12 P.M

All applicants must submit to the Quebec Drama Federation:


QDF would like to encourage designers to present their portfolios on December 13 from 9:30AM-10:30AM.  There will be tables set up and the attending directors will tour the portfolios, meet the designers, and ask questions.
Designers are asked to bring a hard or digital copy of their portfolio. If you intend to show a digital portfolio, you must bring your own laptop or tablet to show your work.
All submissions will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis as space is limited. Confirmation will be sent by email on December 3.

Non-Equity designers may apply; however, inclusion will depend on the remaining spaces available. Priority is given to Equity, UdA and Actra members.

 The deadline for submissions is December 3rd 12pm.

All applicants must submit to the Quebec Drama Federation: 



General Auditions will be held at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts
(5170 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine)
December 12 from 9:30 – 4:00PM and December 13 from 10:30 – 5:00PM

Only Eligible candidates will be contacted and allotted an audition slot.

Artistic Directors of PACT theatre companies, Independent Directors as well as Montreal based Talent Agents and Casting Directors will be in attendance.
For more information, please contact holly Greco (QDF Program Coordinator)  at 514-875-8698 or 


Are you a patron of Quebec theatre? Do you work at the box office? Are you in the cast and crew? We want to showcase you! With #weareQCtheatre, we will be showcasing the Quebec theatre community on our social media. Once a week for the coming year, we will be presenting a member with #weareQCtheatre. We at QDF aim to provide platforms and opportunities for all of our members. Through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we will highlight YOU for your hard work.

To be featured, simply write a brief piece to give us a sense of who you are (in approx. 150 words). Please include a headshot or preferred photo for our social media! Include the following in your message: Full name and date. Sample topics could include, however not limited to:

  • Current role;
  • Favourite piece of theatre;
  • Years active in the theatre community;
  • Tell us about your first theatre experience;
  • Favourite project you’ve worked on;
  • What you dream to see more of in Quebec theatre;
  • Upcoming projects you want to promote;
  • What does #weareQCtheatre mean to you!

If you have any questions or require additional information, don’t hesitate to let us know! All submissions and information can be sent to the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Benjamin at

Theatre Awards 2013-2014

Montreal Theatre Awards

META Mandate

The Montreal English Theatre Awards, or METAs, are a set of peer-juried awards that have been established to:

–  Recognize and celebrate the artistic work that is outstanding in Montreal English Theatre,

–  Promote professional and emerging English theatre artists and companies in Montreal, and heighten their visibility on a provincial and national level,

–  And Encourage and facilitate a level of critical discourse about theatre in Montreal, both among artists and with the larger community

META Committee

The METAs are managed by a Committee (METAC) that consists of active members of the theatre community from various disciplines who are committed to guiding the development of this initiative and ensuring its integrity as a project “by the community and for the community. The METAC is supported by the Quebec Drama Federation, a non-profit incorporated entity mandated to provide support and resources to the English Language Theatre Community of Quebec.  The members of the METAC shall be asked to each serve for a term of no less than two (2) years and no more than three (3) years.


The META Jury is selected by the Committee and is comprised of 20 Montreal-based,  professional theatre artists from varied disciplines. A minimum of 10 Jurors attends each eligible production. The producing companies provide complimentary tickets for jurors, which are booked through QDF subject to availability. The jury convenes quarterly during the season to discuss the merits of the productions seen, facilitated by a member of the Committee. The Jury approves a List of Nominees at the final meeting, and votes for the winners by secret ballot.

A separate Community Jury assesses the Community Theatre Award (see Community Criteria below).

Terms and Criteria:


The following awards will be given out each year:

Outstanding Actor
Outstanding Actress
Outstanding Supporting Actor
Outstanding Supporting Actress
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Set Design
Outstanding Costume Design
Outstanding Lighting Design
Outstanding Sound Design
Outstanding Professional Production
Outstanding Independent Production
Outstanding Emerging Artist(s) – any discipline


Outstanding New Text (when applicable)
Outstanding New Translation


Outstanding Community Production

Special Awards

In order to acknowledge the variety and unpredictability of talents in Montreal English Theatre, the Committee and/or Jury reserve the right to create special awards, highlighting the specific elements that they feel merit recognition in a given year.

To register for the 2013-2014 METAs please follow this link.

Download the Rules and Regulations:

Rules and Regs 2013-2014

For more information please contact: Cassandra Togneri, QDF Communications Coordinator or Amanda Kellock, Committee Chair:, 514-875-8698

ACCORD Touring Project

What is ACCORD?

Arts and culture have an important role to play in the English-speaking communities of Quebec. ACCORD aims to develop a network to facilitate cultural touring in the regions.

Questions? Please contact Elsa Bolam, ACCORD Project Coordinator at

How do I participate?


There is a great need for your work in the regions and ACCORD can help to make that happen. All artists are invited to submit a proposal to tour the ACCORD network in 2012-13.

Add your information to the ACCORD Theatre Artist’s Directory, please click here.

It is free to register and the information will allow presenters in the regions to learn about your proposal, fees and contact information. You will also receive regular updates about ACCORD as the project progresses.

For non-theatre artists please visit the ELAN webpage to add your information.


Performance spaces, galleries, event organizers and other presenters in the Regions of Quebec are invited to join the ACCORD Presenters Directory. Your contact information and interests will be made available to artists wanting to tour to English-speaking communities in Quebec’s regions.

For producers please visit the ELAN webpage to add your information.

This project is made possible through funding by the Canadian Heritage – Development of Official-Language Communities Program and our collaboration with the English Language Arts Network.

Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics is a project started by the QDF in collaboration with Canadian Parents for French (CPF) and the Government of Canada in 2009.

Its aim is to teach French to young children (ages 3-5) using theatre games and techniques. Taught by actors and with the help of the educators in the classroom, the first experience has been quite successful. The program is twelve weeks long (as well as an extra week just to meet the kids and play with them), about forty-five minutes to an hour per session, with a different theme each week and a list of about ten French words or more to teach.

The idea was not to get the children to be able to speak French fluently, but to give them a fun start to speaking the language before entering a Francophone kindergarten. Some already spoke some French, some spoke little English and some barely spoke at all, but overall, the project was a lot of fun and had a great impact on the children at the schools. They looked forward to the weekly visits, to putting on shows for the class and eventually for their parents as well. At the beginning of each class, everyone did the “Réchauffement” in which all the body parts and numbers were always repeated to remind them, and the class usually ended with “Poulet chaud” or just “Poulet” where a small stuffed animal chicken was passed around the circle and everyone told Poulet something they learned that day in French. They also went on treasure hunts in the classrooms and adventures in the jungle, got to go outside, sing songs, made sock puppets, and even helped to write their own scenes, all while learning French words that they would be able to use every day.

Megan Bradley and Jade Hassouné (both graduates of John Abbott College’s Prof Theatre Program in Acting) began teaching at four different schools in January of 2010. As this was a pilot project, the number of schools was more than was initially planned. Then the word started getting around about the success of this new project and teh result was that the school boards wanted the two instructors to go to multiple schools! The first schools in the Pilot Project were Coronation School in Côte-des-Neiges, Centre de la Petite Enfance des Bois-Verts in D.D.O., Sunnyside Elementary in Stanstead and Greendale school in Pierrefonds. Each group was a little family on their own, and Jade and Megan were welcome to join each one. They were all so different, and yet fundamentally the same – every child wanted to help, every child was participating in the activities and almost every child wanted to share; there was a special bond between the instructors, educators and students that will not be forgotten.

Prospects for the future are promising. Everyone had an amazing time growing, learning and sharing. Jade and Megan are looking forward to another year of more groups and more children to play with, as well as some of their professionally trained friends to help them out.

Touring Network Project

In 2009 in collaboration with the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and the English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) and thanks to support from Canadian Heritage QDF has embarked on a grand initiative – creating an English-language arts touring network throughout English-speaking Quebec.

The aim of the project is to create a network for all disciplines of the performing and visual arts. The network will facilitate access to high quality English-Language arts for Anglophone communities throughout Quebec. Working together with the regions and communities we aim to create a sustainable Touring Network that will benefit artists and communities for many years to come while at the same time creating a cultural legacy.

The project began in 2008 and went into high-gear in November 2009 as we began contacting various English-language community organizations across the province. We began collecting information about organizations (community, municipal, and regional) that are interested in presenting cultural events within their community or learning about how to present arts and cultural events in their communities.

The first phase of this project is to identify organizations interested in joining our database as presenters. This will help us gauge the interest exists in this type of a network. We ask each organization/group to then fill out a brief questionnaire. This questionnaire includes: contact information; information about the organization (mandate, number of events they present each year etc); what types of artistic and cultural events are of interest to the organization as well as general demographic and geographic information.

In conjunction we are also hoping to identify organizations and facilities in the communities that are interested in serving solely as rental venues. For these organizations we have a more technical questionnaire. These venues and facilities are usually available for artists and companies to rent out on a daily or weekly basis.

If you are an organization interested in presenting English-Language arts events for your community or a network wishing to work with us or would like more information about the status of the project, please get in touch with us.

Phase One is now complete (July 2010). The report of phase one, Survey of Arts Presenters and Facilities Serving the English Speaking Community in the Regions of Quebec, is now available. You can download a pdf copy HERE.

Phase Two is now complete (March 2012). The report will soon be available.