The Mozaique: Post Holiday Blues

Post Holiday Blues

January 6, 2015

At the end of every year, I give thanks.

Thanks for my perseverance, my hard work, not giving up.

Thanks for my family and friends who encourage me and remind me to push through, to reach further, higher.

Thanks for all the work that came in.

Thanks for all the successful audition even when I didn’t get the part.

Thanks for all my bullies over the years that have fueled my fire. (Yes you, drunken boy still walking on Samson Avenue in Laval!)

Thank you for all the creative artists who manage, despite budget cuts, to still make beautiful, amazing art and develop new projects.

Thanks to Subito Texto’s 3rd season (my French show where I play a very worried, protective and disciplinarian Arabic mom). Yes, bring on a season 4, let work flow upon me!

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The Mozaique: The Beginnings

The Beginnings

January 6, 2015

If you are reading this, I can only assume you like theatre, film, arts, and actors.

I am an actor. So maybe you’ll like me.

Hopefully, you’ll be interested in reading my perspective through this blog. (Here is where I point out that these will be my opinions, thoughts, ideas, critics, suggestions, comments, states of emotions and all the likes. I speak only for myself.)

You may know actors and / or artists. You may be an actor and /or an artist. In any case, each experience is unique. Mine, I am sure, is very different from yours.

Based on what I was told in school, I estimated that speaking several languages including French AND English, both with no accent, would mean I would be working on stage and on screen in Montreal and possibly Toronto right off the bat. Give and take two years. I wasn’t that confident.

Based on what people said, I was lucky to have such “unspecific” casting that would open doors to all kinds of characters from anywhere in the Americas (the whole Continent and all its diversity from Canada to Brasil, including the Islands.), Europe (except Northern Europe where the look seems to be 6 feet tall, blond bombshells and I just can’t go blond. I can’t!) the Middle East, Northern Africa to name a few.

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