A Year in Review

January 5th, 2016


My very first vlog for the QDF was a countdown of 10 goals or attitudes I wished to master in 2015. In case you missed it, watch it here

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRAozH4A1w0&w=560&h=315]


As we approach the start of 2016, I thought I’d take a look at my goals and assess how well I did at carrying them out.


10) Correct people when they mispronounce my name.


Yep. I’ve held to this one very well.

One of my most frustrating moments in 2015 on this topic happened when a well-meaning (aren’t they all well-meaning?) older gentleman tried to explain the pronunciation of my own name to me.

He said, “Why do you call yourself Mee-Ka-Ella? Most women I know with your name pronounce it Mee-Kayla.”

I actually had to reply, “I don’t call myself Michaela so much as, you know, it’s my name.”

I give myself 100% on this goal.

9) Stop taking professional rejection personally.


Well, let’s say I tried. And I learned. And I’ve grown. But it’s still a very hard habit to kick. I’d give myself a failing grade on this one. And not even a near-pass. A whammy of a fail. Like a 23%.


8) Stop trying to curse people who have rejected me professionally.


I can proudly say I’m living curse-free these days. Uh. My grade is 93%. Okay, I slipped once. Not telling you who I cursed, though.


7) Stop eating ice cream in the shower


It was insanity to even make this resolution. Of course I’ve eaten ice cream in the shower in 2015. And I plan to do so in 2016.

0%. N/A. I didn’t even write this exam.


6) Drink less wine at professional networking events.


I’m going to say I did drink “less”. Less than someone else did in 2015, that’s for sure. 60%.


5) Learn to talk about myself and my work more confidently.


Hmm. I suppose I get better at it every year. I’m going to give myself a 75%.

In order to really nail this resolution, I am going to take the opportunity right now, on this blog, to declare myself EMERGED!

That’s right. I think that in a lot of ways the label of “emerging artist” can be a crutch, or an excuse. And how do you really know when you’ve emerged?

I guess I’m going to have to rename my blog in the new year.


4) Stop giving up my power in the audition room.

Sure, for the most part. 80%. Though this is the exact face I made in a commercial audition where all I had to do was smile at the camera:



3) Learn how to say No.


It’s my greatest struggle. I’m giving myself an 85%.


2) Get better at figuring out if it’s a professional meeting or a date


I think my vlog helped. Staying away from a certain element also helped. 99%


1) Have fun!


I did. I had lots of fun. I also had some not-so-fun moments. But here’s the thing. Career-wise, 2015 was my favourite year so far. So maybe I didn’t exactly keep to all my resolutions, or meet all my goals. I am looking forward to another year, though. And I think as artists that’s all we can do. Every year that we stay in the game is a victory, a cause for celebration. What I’ve learned this year is not to be hard on myself and I hope I can impart that wisdom on you. Set unrealistic goals, strive for them, and be okay with putting them off in favour of unexpected opportunities.


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