Farewell & Best, Most, Deepest, Heartfelt Wishes to Martin Law, outgoing Membership Coordinator

Today marks Martin’s last day at QDF. We are grateful to him for his service to the English language theatre community in Quebec, and we send him off with warmth, admiration, and friendship in our hearts! He absence will be marked by an absolute dearth of wacky jokes, accents, and, of course, puns. Here are some parting words from Martin himself:

Hello friends,

I find myself in a wonderful position, between too many passions with only one life and pair of legs to devote to them. And so I must say farewell to being your memberships guy at QDF.  It’s been particularly resonant for me to have spent a chapter of my life with a group that helped me get off the ground as an artist, amongst the passionate struggles and strange changes in the theatre world. It’s a joy to be surrounded by the grit, talent and love that is this brilliant city of artists. I have found it more rewarding than being in the reserves, that’s for sure.*

Now the time has come for a little re-adjustment my life. I, like many Anglophone Montreal artists before me, find myself moving to Toronto. Haha! No. That’s a lie. You will see me around, about my work, taking that proverbial deep breath, tinkering, gardening, and continuing to make Chocolate Moose and Theatre Sans Argent fly through the dreamscape.

All good things must come to an end. Except QDF. They’re not going anywhere. I would like to thank Steph “Spud” McKenna for her tireless help, navigation, humour and energy; Deb for her sage and frighteningly perceptive wisdom; Max for being a resourceful Capricorn; and my fellow Albertan expat, Caleigh. You have made my time here wonderful. My replacement, David Noel, is going to do a fantastic job. He is very ginger and has the dragon’s eyes. I’ll let you ask him about that one. If you dare.

With Love,


 *I was never in the reserves.

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