#fringebuzz: Letting people in: a social-media snapshot of my journey to nerdfucker

The following piece was submitted by Cameryn Moore with photos by Tanner Harvey. It chronicles her journey creating her latest show, Nerdfucker. The piece is part of QDF’s series of artist-submitted works detailing experiences creating at the 26th edition of the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival.

I’m an obsessive Facebooker; as a touring artist, I meet my communities there. My friends are often fans, and vice versa. They don’t just want show announcements, they want to know how I am doing. Like, in deep and explicit detail. And so, as best as I can, I give it to them…

February 28: 7223 of 8929. 81% in. I feel like I want to puke out of my eye sockets.

While memorizing the script, I kept a running Facebook tally of the percentage of the script in my head. I needed cheerleaders, and I needed to give them something concrete to cheer for. Percentages are good.

Cameryn Moore%2c human chessboard (nerdfucker)

March 6: Things are getting real up in this joint with Vladimir, the amazing make up artist. My new show will require me to apply temporary tattoos every few days, probably, to get a chessboard on my back. Today was the first test run, to check on the durability of the tattoos. Note to the chess geeks out there: I know we need to rotate the board 90°.

The tattoo process for nerdfucker is by far the most time-consuming and expensive thing I have ever done for any of my shows. All for maybe 15 seconds of exposure during the play. Hah!

March 20: Nearly burst into tears twice during rehearsal. The new costume element was fucking everything up, and sickie me was sweating, and my phlegm-filled voice was all wrong. I think we got good talking points out of it, Tanner (Harvey, my director) and Gabrielle (Couillard, my technician) and I, but oh lordy, I was a hot mess today.#‎nerdfucker #‎showbiz #‎fuckingcostumefuck

A month before opening is always the Time of Terror: props get delayed in the mail, the costume is trickier than you think, the lines aren’t sticking, you suddenly think your show is crap. I frequently like to up the ante by getting sick at around the same time.

April 4: Things I have to do before 11am for #‎nerdfucker run-through that I don’t normally do at any time:
– apply red lipstick without lip liner 
– scream in my own living room
– remember the order of pieces in the back row of chess

My landlords live above my in-law unit in Outremont, but they are firm patrons of the Fringe, and art in general; they didn’t care about all of the rehearsal noise. Plus they gave me a very good deal on the sublet. Patronage comes in different forms.

April 12: This morning I get to find out exactly how much of my own back I can scrub up with baby oil. This show is weird, in so many unexpected ways.

Yes, this is the other side of the temp-tattoo chessboard. The removal side.

Cameryn Moore%2c nerdfucker stage MTL mini-main


April 20: The stage. 25 to show. See you on the other side.

Tanner and I deliberated long and hard over the stage furniture and arrangement. I’m super pleased with how that turned out.

April 20: That… went pretty well. Yes. I think… I think it is landing right. I’m DRAINED, and this is going to be hell on my throat. And of course my glorious director Tanner Harvey had notes. But I think I’m heading on the right path here, not only for performing #‎nerdfucker, but also for what kind of plays I can make in future.

Theatre lives here, in my still-trembling fingers and my tired eyes and my sweet, throbbing heart.

Nerdfucker plays from June 10th-19th at MainLine Theatre (3997 St-Laurent). For showtimes and tickets, check out the FRINGE website!

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