Industry Insider Newsletter FAQ & How-To Guide


What is the Industry Insider Newsletter and who can submit?

The Industry Insider Newsletter is a biweekly newsletter that lists events, workshops, job and volunteer opportunities and events. It is sent to our active membership. Any QDF Member can submit to the newsletter.

When is the deadline to submit?

You must submit at least 48 hours before the next newsletter is due to be published.

When will the next newsletter be published?

We write it in two places in every newsletter: once at the top and again at the bottom. It’s also listed in our online calendar here.

Can I promote my show in your newsletter?

We do not promote plays in our newsletter, we have Special Emails for that purpose. We do promote discounts for QDF Members, however. If your show has a discounted ticket rate, it can be included in the newsletter.

Why am I not getting the Newsletter?

It could be a few reasons. Make sure you are checking all folders and inboxes, including spam. If it’s not in there, please log on to your QDFOnline Profile and make sure we have the correct email address. If you haven’t logged on to your profile yet, or you’re having trouble, please see our guide here. If you still don’t get them, it could be because you previously unsubscribed yourself, or were unsubscribed by QDF due to an inactive membership. Please call the office and we will re-subscribe you.


Head to Click the link called “Forms” on the top right hand menu.

Next, click the “Industry Insider Newsletter Form”