Your QDF Online Profile: Overview

If you are an existing member but have not logged onto your account we have already imported your membership information, all you have to do is reset your password to activate your profile. If you’re having trouble with that, click here for a step by step guide.

Once you have successfully logged onto your profile, this is your main page:

Here you can see your QDF online profile & contact information. For a more detailed explanation about how to use your profile, please click here.

There are two menus for you to access, the left hand side menu, and the menu along to the top of the page. Let’s begin with the menu on the left hand side.

1. My Profile
This is the first page you see when you login; where all your contact information is stored. Please keep this up to date and be sure to check the box if you’d like to receive a calendar by mail!

2. My Preferences
Here you can toggle which information you would like to be displayed in our public Artists’ Directory, if any.

3. My Memberships
Here is where you can renew online and check membership status to see information about your membership category, status, registration date, and when you’re due to expire. The system will automatically send you a renewal notice ahead of your expiry date, so this is purely for your information.

4. My Events
When you register for an event or workshop on our website, you will see it appear here. You will also be able to keep track of which events you’ve attended.

5. My Transactions
This is a record of all online transactions with QDF. Membership renewals, event registrations, and workshop fees processed will all be displayed here.

6. Change My Password
Access this page to change your password.

Now let’s look at the menu in blue across the top of the page.

1. Members
Click here to access the Artists’ Directory. When you hover on this link, a drop down box appears that says “Theatre Companies”. You may either click “Members” to brows individual members on the site, or you can click “Theatre Companies” to check out our Company Members.

2. Events
Here is where you can see all the upcoming QDF Events. If you click on an event, you can see more details and register for it.

3. Donate
Click here to donate to QDF!

4. My Membership
This brings you back to your main profile page.

5. Logout
Click here to logout of your account.

6. Return to main site
Use this link if you want to head back to This is where you can use our forms, read the blog, and check out our online events calendar.