I’d like to start off by introducing myself! My name is Benjamin Chafe, the new Marketing and Communications Coordinator. I am so happy to be here with the QDF team including Patrick and holly. Our team is thrilled to be together and maintain past projects while developing new initiatives.  

We have been busy going over the notes from the most recent congress. Thank you for your patience, the notes will be made available online in the coming weeks! We also would like to sincerely thank everyone who was present at congress for your contribution. 

For membership inquiries – you can renew your membership online. If you haven’t logged into your Quebecdrama.org profile, please do! If you aren’t sure how to do that, please see our QDF Online Help Guide. To reach holly, Program Coordinator, send an email to admin@quebecdrama.org.

For marketing inquiries – all services will be extremely limited for the month of June. There is a Marketing and Communications FAQ, also in the QDF Online Help Guide. To reach myself, Benjamin, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, please email marketing@quebecdrama.org.

During the month of July we will continue going over calendar submissions, developing the website and getting ready for our annual general meeting coming up. Also, a friendly reminder to have all of your material submitted for the calendar by July 20. Stay tuned for lots of exciting news coming your way! 



Marketing and Communications Coordinator