QDFMusings FAQ & How-To Guide


What is QDFMusings?

QDFMusings is our blog. We promote our members’ shows through interviews, previews, round-table discussions, and more. The purpose of the blog is to give our  members some promotional help, to engender discussion, to raise awareness of the goings-on in the community, and to show off our talented membership!

Why don’t you do reviews?

While we support critical engagement in our industry, QDF, as a membership based organization, cannot be the ones to engage in that way. It simply wouldn’t be comely to give out ratings to our members, and we understand the tension those actions would cause. Besides, we are a support and service non-profit – we believe in sharing and caring!

What kind of coverage can I get?

We have a few different ways to help promote your show. For a detailed description of our promotional tools, please click here.

How can I ensure my article is read?

While we are very proud to have a high readership of our blog, the articles that get read more are the articles that get shared more on social media. We link to QDFMusings on our Facebook and Twitter pages but it always helps immensely when the company and cast like and share the post as well – there is a marked uptick in readership with the subject links to the article.

How far in advance do I need to request an interview?

These days QDFMusings is the work of, Caleigh Crow, who runs the entire Communications and Marketing Department in addition to blogging, and thus articles must be scheduled in advance. If you’d like the article to go up a week before your show, you need to have the interview take place at least 2 weeks advance of that to guarantee that timeline.

How To Guide

The first step is to have a look at our promotional tools  and decide which ones are interesting to you and where you need the most help.

Then, send an email to Caleigh Crow at marketing@quebecdrama.org with a few ideas and a rough schedule. She will take it from there!