Quick Selfie: Kym Dominique-Ferguson


In this Quick Selfie, Kym Dominique-Ferguson tells us about some of his faves! Be sure to check out Madpoetix’s show this week, PHENOMENAL 5IVE, a project focusing on bringing into the light talented, engaging Black women representing Montreal with the incorporation of a spectrum of performance disciplines including: spoken word, storytelling, dance and music. Click here for more information.

Inline image 1Kym Dominique-Ferguson is a poet born, a theatre performer trained, and a producer by nurture. For over a decade he a swooned Montreal with erotic poetry show and open mic nights with a theatrical twist, and added quality elevating performances of an otherwise simplified genre to another level. He has had the honour of inspiring some of the city’s more prominent artists to do more with their work. He successfully produced and performed his first one man show to a sold-out audience back in August of 2015: The Born Jamhaitianadian. Ferguson is currently in the creation phase of producing the first in a series called: the #DearBlackMan Project.

What’s your dream project?

Performing my one-man play in a space as big as, or larger than, Place Des Arts’ largest Theatre.

What’s your favourite show you worked on?

Royal Palm Estate, Jamaican television drama series. Think Days of our Lives but in Jamaica.

Favourite comfort food?

Aux Vivres BLT sandwich… Mmmmmmm!

Favourite activity for a lazy afternoon?

Watching Dragonball Super in my undies!

Where did you train in theatre?

At the Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts: Jamaica School of Drama *phew* that was a mouthful!

This piece was written and submitted by Kym Dominique-Ferguson.