Quick Selfie: Oliver Koomsatira

In this Quick Selfie, Oliver Koomsatira tells us about some of his faves! Be sure to check out Imago Theatre’s Her Side of the Story: Revision to Resist, the festival that takes four iconic stories and revises or retells them to center women’s perspectives.  Click here for more information.

Oliver plays Monster and Scribe in Fucking A by Suzan-Lori Parks directed by Sophie Gee. See it November 2 & 5 at 8pm.

What was your favourite activity as a child?

Fighting (martial arts), usually while reenacting stage combat scenes from movies such as Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat, Drunken Master 2.

What is your favourite subject to study?

Quantum Physics/Mechanics as it pertains to the human existence and the multiverse.

What’s your dream project?

The Midnight Birth, which I’ve already toured, as well as Open Frakture which I’m currently working on, are both multidisciplinary, multimedia, rap, contemporary dance, theatre, shows. I know, it’s a lot… As far as combining what I’m most passionate about, they are basically my dream projects but with limited financial resources. #GottaDreamBig VS #GottaFindMoney :/

What’s your favourite show you worked on?

Except Fucking A directed by Sophie Gee? 😉 Banana Boys directed by Nina Lee Aquino at
Factory Theatre.

Where did you train?

Dawson College, Dome Theatre (Professional Theatre Program).



This piece was written and submitted by Oliver Koomsatira.