Quick Selfie: Cristina Cugliandro

In this Quick Selfie, Cristina Cugliandro tells us about some of her faves! Be sure to check out Imago Theatre’s Her Side of the Story: Revision to Resist, the festival that takes four iconic stories and revises or retells them to center women’s perspectives.  Click here for more information.

Cristina Cugliandro is the director of What Happened After Nora Left Her Husband by Elfriede Jelinek, translated by Tinch Minter. See it November 3 & 4 at 8pm at Centaur Theatre.

Favourite subject to study?

I love to study everything. I loved higher education when I could finally choose what I was learning about. Along the way I have had some fantastic teachers that have added to my love of knowledge. As for a favorite subject, this is one of the many reasons I love theatre making. When working on a project, research is key. I love diving into as many aspects the piece presents as I can. I love the abyss of knowledge.

Minister: Or as that Socrates so brilliantly put it: I know that I know nothing, ha ha…
Weygang: And he added: But you don’t even know that, ha ha…
What Happened After Nora Left Her Husband, Elfriede Jelinek, tr. Tinch Minter

What makes you sad?

What makes me sad is how the grand capitalistic systems that run the world have developed to be completely disrespectful and abusive of what helps us live happily, in community, healthily, with low stress; our precious environment. Humanity has trapped itself in a monetary machine which oppresses all species on the planet. I don’t quite understand how our empathy and collective respect of ecosystems which support life have fallen to the wayside as we glorify the fake god of money.

Half the world starves while the other half wastes enough food to feed the first half.
-Charles Eisenstein

Where did you train?

I completed a masters degree in London, England with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and Birkbeck University. What this taught me was to push the boundaries of theatre and challenge ideas and concepts. This opened my eyes up to the ultimate possibilities and power of theatre arts.

Person you would most like to have a cup o’ with?

If I can create my own tea party I would like to invite Vandana Shiva, Jane Goodall and Robert Lepage so that we could discuss the state of the world and create a touring show to awaken and discuss the much needed work that lies ahead in conservation and farming. That being said if I could provide a list of people that I adore, I would drown in tea.

What is your pet peeve?

How easily the arts are swept under the rug; the veneer of politicians; how GDP is considered a good thing.

What makes you laugh?

Absurdity. As I grow older I am learning how to laugh along with this thing called life.





This piece was written and submitted by Cristina Cugliandro.