Special Email FAQ & How-To Guide


What is a Special Email and who can submit?

A Special Email is a promotional email sent to all active and inactive members, a list of over 1,000 people. This is a way to promote your show directly to our community’s inboxes. It costs $25 and anyone can purchase one, member or non-member.

Special Emails are kept to a strict schedule in order to keep the “open rate”  at an acceptable level. This ensures the Sepcial Emails are a benefit to those who purchase them, and lets us know they aren’t bothersome to those who receive them. If we send out too many emails in a week people are less likely to open them, and more likely to unsubscribe.

The form asks me for information that doesn’t apply, what do I do?

Fill out the form to the best of your abilities. Because we are promoting all kinds of events, it sometimes happens that not all questions are applicable. For example, a job call won’t have a registration price, but a workshop will. If something doesn’t apply to you, please leave it blank or write N/A.


First, please call or email Caleigh Crow, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at QDF, to work out scheduling and payment details. 514-875-8698 or marketing@quebecdrama.org

You can mail us a cheque; pay in person by credit card, debit or cash; or pay over the phone with a credit card.Once everything is booked, you can proceed to our online form.

Head to quebecdrama.org and click “Forms” at the top right menu.

Next, fill out the form called “Special Email Form”