The Mozaique: Bridging the Gap

November 4th, 2015

The Mozaique:  Bridging the gap

Feels like a huge win.

Being part of the Centaur’s Brave New Looks series was great.

Feels like a win because it was my first time on the Centaur’s stage, FINALLY!!!

But mostly, feels like a win because it was a local Quebecois piece beautifully translated and performed in an English theatre.

And no, it was not a Michel Tremblay play!

Feels like a win to see Francophones at the Centaur, some of whom didn’t even know the existence of that Anglophone theatre.

Feels like a win to see Anglophones discover a contemporary Quebecois play, about our times, our life, our generation.

Feels like a win because French and English somehow merged, FINALLY!!!

I don’t know about you (if you have a blog let me know, I would love to know more about you!) but I am bilingual in my daily life. I zap between French and English within one sentence (if you read the first drafts of my blogs, you would understand!)

Sometimes it actually feels like I cross back and forth into a different city just because the news report between CTV and TVA is so different, or because I have an errand in the Plateau and then downtown.

French commercials will have completely different casting than English commercials FOR THE SAME PRODUCT! Yet poutine, crappy weather, construction, pot holes and traffic reminds us we are the same city peopled by Montrealers.

I feel this is where arts can make a difference.

The arts can bring us together and bridge that gap.

So it is a win when a French article speaks of an Anglophone production of an acclaimed French play as one of the “5 must sees” of the season.

It is a win when the original French cast sits in the audience to see their piece re-interpreted.

Montreal and Montréal: one accent should not make such a big difference.


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