The Mozaique: Novelty

December 2nd, 2015

The Mozaique: Novelty

I am so very excited because I found new monologues to prepare for my next General Audition.

Some people get excited because they are going for ice cream or to their favorite restaurant but I get excited when I find new monologues.

I get equally excited when I change light bulbs.

I know it sounds weird but think about it: how often do you change your light bulbs? Once every 3 or 4 years? It’s less often than the Olympics! It’s an event! It’s like being born on February 29th and having your birthday fall on a Friday during leap year!

Finding new monologues is not as easy as it sounds. First off, you want something contrasting.

Contrast is vast.

Classical. Contemporary. There. That’s a contrast.

Then, you want to show off your skills and be absolutely amazing in your performance. You want a monologue that is just difficult enough to challenge you without making you so worried and anxious that you’ll bomb your audition.

You want to move them AND make them laugh.

You want them to hire you.

Perhaps find something that may fit in their up-coming season? You certainly don’t want to perform something they might have directed recently. What message would that send them? That would either mean you feel you could have done a better job than the actor that did land the role or worse, you don’t even come close to his or her performance.

You want different rhythms.

You want opposite vibes.

You want something that stands on its own and that lasts maximum 2 minutes.

You don’t want a scene where you absolutely need your invisible partner’s reaction because you will be alone on stage for your audition. You don’t want monologues where you have props because chances are you’ll be miming the props and miming is never a good idea.

You want something that is plausible for your casting and age range. Or you can be completely against your type and prove the world wrong!

So you understand my excitement when I say I found new monologues!

I just have to study and work on them now…unless I chicken out and use the same old ones…

Meh: I’ll just change a light bulb.



Can’t fail.


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