The Mozaique: Word of Advice

January 4th, 2016

The Mozaique: Word of Advice

2016 is around the corner.

I will turn 39 just after.

I feel like I stopped aging at 32.

The actual number 39 doesn’t bother me; what I find incredible is having been here for 39 years and feeling like I’ve barely started accomplishing what I hoped for.

I am so far away from my bucket list… I have yet to even write one!

Although I’ve come a long way I still have a lot to learn, yet I felt like sharing some of my “wisdom”:

Own a pet (or if you are really lazy, a plant). They teach you love, compassion, empathy. They give you a sense of responsibility. If you have kids, disregard this statement, you already have enough on your plate.

Be honest, sincere and empathetic. If you need to look up the meanings of these words, don’t adopt a pet (or even a plant…). Also know that not everyone is meant to be a parent. Know your limits; make the world a better place.

If you knock on a door and it remains closed, use your key before you break it down.

Never give up! (Be careful; this one changes according to punctuation: Never! Give up…)

Work hard – luck doesn’t exist!

Own it – because you have worked hard for it.

Remain humble – because you have to keep working hard always… Are you following my thought process here?

Sleep early, especially if you are my neighbours. Seriously, you’ll live longer.

Once in a while, sing You’re Simply the Best by Tina Turner as you look at yourself in the mirror.

Work out and have that piece of pie. AND DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!

Be patient. Nothing beats personal experience. Even when the experiences are rough, trust that you have learned. Don’t put yourself in that same situation though. Learn to APPLY THE LESSON. Say no, walk away. Apply to work, love, friends and other situations.

There is always a solution but, when it’s complicated, it’s just not worth it. WALK AWAY. Apply to work, love, friends and other situations.

You are responsible for everything in your life. Accept the consequences of your actions. Oh and double check any form of information given to you (including gossip). Don’t help them spread the word if it isn’t true and don’t believe what they say just because they said it. There are consequences to that as well.

Trust your instincts. Trust yourself. If you don’t know how, go sing You’re Simply the Best by Tina Turner as you look at yourself in the mirror.

Follow your own yellow brick road (don’t envy your friend’s yellow brick road; it has different obstacles you know nothing about). Ruby slippers sold separately.

Don’t say it, do it. Actions speak louder than words.

If you are having a good day, a pile of shit can fall on your head and you won’t even notice it. Be happy. Focus on the good.

Coffee still works when it is cold.

Resist shopping. Shoemakers and seamstresses are great at repairing! Resist the newest, latest gadget. The Earth really needs our help.

And finally:

Go to the theatre, the ballet, the opera, the museum, the movies, the art gallery, walk around and admire architecture… arts makes life more beautiful.

Happy birthday to me and a wonderful 2016 to y’all!


PS: Never say y’all!

PPS: Some of this wisdom is inspired by my grand-mother. The rest is from me.

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