Theatre Awards 2013-2014

Montreal Theatre Awards

META Mandate

The Montreal English Theatre Awards, or METAs, are a set of peer-juried awards that have been established to:

–  Recognize and celebrate the artistic work that is outstanding in Montreal English Theatre,

–  Promote professional and emerging English theatre artists and companies in Montreal, and heighten their visibility on a provincial and national level,

–  And Encourage and facilitate a level of critical discourse about theatre in Montreal, both among artists and with the larger community

META Committee

The METAs are managed by a Committee (METAC) that consists of active members of the theatre community from various disciplines who are committed to guiding the development of this initiative and ensuring its integrity as a project “by the community and for the community. The METAC is supported by the Quebec Drama Federation, a non-profit incorporated entity mandated to provide support and resources to the English Language Theatre Community of Quebec.  The members of the METAC shall be asked to each serve for a term of no less than two (2) years and no more than three (3) years.


The META Jury is selected by the Committee and is comprised of 20 Montreal-based,  professional theatre artists from varied disciplines. A minimum of 10 Jurors attends each eligible production. The producing companies provide complimentary tickets for jurors, which are booked through QDF subject to availability. The jury convenes quarterly during the season to discuss the merits of the productions seen, facilitated by a member of the Committee. The Jury approves a List of Nominees at the final meeting, and votes for the winners by secret ballot.

A separate Community Jury assesses the Community Theatre Award (see Community Criteria below).

Terms and Criteria:


The following awards will be given out each year:

Outstanding Actor
Outstanding Actress
Outstanding Supporting Actor
Outstanding Supporting Actress
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Set Design
Outstanding Costume Design
Outstanding Lighting Design
Outstanding Sound Design
Outstanding Professional Production
Outstanding Independent Production
Outstanding Emerging Artist(s) – any discipline


Outstanding New Text (when applicable)
Outstanding New Translation


Outstanding Community Production

Special Awards

In order to acknowledge the variety and unpredictability of talents in Montreal English Theatre, the Committee and/or Jury reserve the right to create special awards, highlighting the specific elements that they feel merit recognition in a given year.

To register for the 2013-2014 METAs please follow this link.

Download the Rules and Regulations:

Rules and Regs 2013-2014

For more information please contact: Cassandra Togneri, QDF Communications Coordinator or Amanda Kellock, Committee Chair:, 514-875-8698