Theatre Calendar FAQ & How-to Guide


What is the Theatre Calendar and how can I submit?

QDF publishes a quarterly print calendar that lists all of our member’s events. A copy is mailed out to our membership, as well as displayed in prominent places in the community such as libraries, theatres, cafes, and more! We also create a listing for your show on our online events calendar when you submit to our print calendar. It’s a great way to get the word out about your show or festival.

Only company members can list in our calendar. You can submit to our calendar by clicking here. See below for how to find the forms from our front page.

When is the deadline to submit to the Calendar?

Our deadlines are fixed and remain the same every year. If the date falls on the weekend, you have until the following business day.

Spring/Summer Calendar – covering May – August. Deadline:  March 20

Fall Calendar –  covering September – December. Deadline: July 20

Winter Calendar – covering January – April. Deadline: November 20

Feel free to write this in your datebook months or even years ahead of time! We do not accept late submissions.

How can I find out when the next deadline is?

We always send out reminders to our company members well in advance of the deadline. Make sure your contact email is correct and that you don’t have our emails heading to your spam folder.

We also post reminders on our Facebook & Twitter pages, as well as list it in our biweekly newsletter. Again, make sure to check your email!

We also have the next deadline listed right on the form you need to submit to be included.

Reminders also appear on our website and the deadlines are listed in this FAQ!

I won’t have all the information requested on the form before the deadline, what do I do?

You can either leave it blank or indicate “TBA.” This is our most frequently asked question – especially at FRINGE time. We can always update the online calendar to reflect updates.

Do I have to have a French synopsis or can I just write “N/A”?

We must have a French translation of the description of your show. Since we make use of public funds and the calendar is displayed in public, it is in their interest that we publish a synopsis in both languages. Your submission will be not be accepted if you fail to do so.

I need to change something on my form, what do I do?

If you need to change something on your form before the deadline, please call the office.

I missed the deadline for the print calendar but would like to be included on the online calendar, is it the same form?


How-To Guide

Start out by clicking “Forms” at the top right hand of our main page.

Click “Calendar Submission Form”.

Next you’ll be taken to our online form. Please fill it out to the best of your abilities and click submit. That’s it!