Theatre News: July 16 – July 22


Local News

ICYMI: It’s still Just for Laughs!! Looks like JFL is teaming up with an Australian company in the hopes of establishing an “international circuit of comedy festivals” that would see the JFL model expanded at least into the Australian market. It seems like it’s being set up as a comedian free-trade agreement that facilitates Quebecois performers in Australia and vice versa. Neat! (via Montreal Gazette)

National News

Theatre in the pool! Have you ever heard of theatre in the pool? I’ll be honest and say it never occurred to me, but I love the new approach! There’s so many possibilities when you have space that exists in two states – air and fluid. Imagine Waiting for Godot in a pool! What plays would you like to see staged in a pool? Send us a Tweet! (via Global)


SoulPepper Theatre’s New York residency is paying off with great reviews from critics and “serious New York people“! We’ve been keeping an eye on the experiment ever since reading this piece over at the Globe and Mail asking if the $2.5 million trip will be worth it for Canadian theatre. So far, it seems there’s been an increase in interest, and artistic director Albert Schultz seems excited! (via CBC)


MTSpace announced the IMPACT2017 lineup and there’s so. Much. Stuff. Including QDF company member Geordie Productions, who are bringing Jabber to the festival where it can be seen with a whole crop of national, international, and local Ontario companies. Check out the full line-up! (via

International News

An interesting profile on an interesting performer, Maya Krishna Rao. “The face” of Indian protest theatre wants to incorporate comedy into her performances. Her approach to theatre is very singular, strikingly DIY and solitary. She works in her living room in Dehli, with the furniture pushed up against the wall, and records her stream-of-consciousness creation and watches the footage back as part of the editing process. A new approach! (via The Indian Express)


A few weeks ago I linked to an article about a group of older theatre-goers who feel alienated by the so-called Millennial generation. Here we have an example of a generational difference going the other way, with a job advert for a theatre company seemingly admonishes all young applicants thus far for – you guessed it – laziness! Maybe have more in common with each other than we thought and this whole generational divide is superfluous? No? Anyone? The article brings up important questions about arts labor – how much do workers have to endure to make ends meet? (via BuzzFeed)


Here’s a theatre company in Illinois dedicated to creating theatre for audience members on the Autism spectrum. Founded at Northwestern University in 2012 by undergraduate students, the company has been growing and expanding ever since. Click through to read about how Seesaw Theatre is making theatre accessible to their audience members through social stories, adventure guides, and the assimilation room (not as scary as it sounds to Trekkies like me). (via HowlRound)

posted by Caleigh Crow