Theatre News: July 2 – July 8

Local News

Big news for fans of Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil! Cirque du Soleil as acquired Blue Man Productions, hoping to bring the show to a wider audience in places like Germany. These are two physical performance powerhouses! Look forward to seeing what kind of work they do together. (via Global News)

National News

A bold opinion and inside perspective by J. Kelly Nestruck about the Dora Awards which took place last week in Toronto. There have been some problems with the Doras in the past, and a programming overhaul a few years ago hasn’t quite done the trick. Kelly wonders why with the quality of theatre in Toronto the Dora Awards don’t garner much buzz, and posits it might be the confusing categories. How much stake do you place in theatre awards? If a company has a “Best Production” banner slapped on it, are you more likely to go see it? Have your say on Twitter! (via Globe and Mail)


Is Rick Mercer Ruining Everything? A great read about Canadian comedy and American politics. There’s lots of Canadian humor out there patting ourselves on the back for perceived progressiveness (read: superiority), as the article points out, as a major tenet of our national identity. The article examines comedy’s role in developing this trend. What do you think? Have we established a national identity beyond “Not-American”? Ought we to look to our own damning political problems rather than distract ourselves with At Least Things are Better Here Syndrome? Or is it just a bit of fun? Let us know on Twitter! (via NY Times)

International News

July 11 is World Fringe Day! Here’s an article on about what FRINGE looks like across the world, and why we need FRINGE Festivals (whether they scare us or not!). How many FRINGE Festivals have you attended? Tweet us your answer! (via HowlRound)


Is Shakespeare still shocking? An interesting experiment in the works at the Royal Shakespeare Company. The plan is to hook audience members up to heart monitors and track their heart rate while watching a live theatre performance of one of the bard’s goriest, Titus Andronicus, compared to a film version of the same play, and see if we can measure excitement. (via BBC)


Not sure how to react to this article from The Telegraph. Do you think it’s discriminatory or disrespectful to target a younger demographic? Would you say that the way older audiences are portrayed is “offensive”? I believe putting on a good, strong show will attract audiences regardless of age. Interesting that this #OldLivesMatter article dismisses all young people as preferring to “hang out” and “snog”. These are my reactions to this article, what are yours? Agree? Disagree? Share on Twitter! (via the Telegraph)