Theatre News: July 30 – August 5

Local News

Looking for directors for your board of directors? The Conseil des arts Montreal has an exciting program that pairs up your organization with potential board directors. The deadline to apply for the next session is September 4th so get organized and take advantage of this great resource early! (via CAM)


Check out QDF’s interview with Anthony Kennedy of CABAL Theatre. Their upcoming production, Tragic Queens, opens in a few weeks at the MainLine Theatre. The show promises to be a multi-sensory smorgasbord with guest appearances and live video streaming incorporated into the performance. Read on! (via

National News

BC-born Celeste Evans smashed the magical glass ceiling and carved out a space for herself as a hugely successful female magician at a time when that field was dominated by men. She passed away late July, and this week the Globe in Mail reflects on her career and life. (via the Globe and Mail)


Check out Dark Crop, an all-night outdoor nocturnal theatre festival in London, ON. Audience members gathered under an old windmill, warmed by a bonfire, and watched a whole 12 hours worth of theatre under the stars. There was improv at 4:30 am! This seems like something the night-owl Montreal crowd could get behind. (via LFPress)


The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity have a BUNCH of workshops, residencies, and other practicums to apply for. From performance to design to tech theatre, there’s something for theatre practitioners of all stripes! (via

International News

The Guardian remembers Sam Shepard, American playwright, who passed away last week. Get your hands on one of Shepard’s plays and have a read in remembrance. From the piece:

Shepard could write the great American play and he could deconstruct it, too. His love of Beckett and the myths of America fused beautifully to create works that remain blisteringly current in their wrestling with theatrical form, but satisfyingly classical in their treatment of character and narrative. They’re filled with music and poetry and incredible stage imagery. They’re packed with a love of cinema and rock music but rooted in the plays of Aeschylus and Sophocles.

(via The Guardian)


The Guardian is also the place to go for all your Edinburgh FRINGE 2017 needs! It’s only just begun but they’ve got reviews, top 10 must-sees, and the classic thinkpiece!! There’s a show about Morrissey, a show about the dark side of Robbie Burns, and of course, So. Much. Standup. Do you have a dream Edinburgh itinerary? Any awesome Edinburgh experiences? Let us know on Twitter!


posted by Caleigh Crow