Theatre News: September 3 – 9

Local News

The Montreal English Theatre Award nominees were announced last week! There are SO many QDF Company and Individual members nominated. Repercussion Theatre, the Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Black Theatre Workshop & Tableau D’Hote, and Geordie Productions have the most nominations, but we want to congratulate InfiniTheatre, CABAL, Centaur Theatre Company, Hudson Players Club, the Cote St-Luc Dramatic Society, Lakeshore Light Opera, Talisman and Imago Theatre who were also nominated. Here’s the full list of nominees!


Arts Alive! is coming to the West Island on September 23 for a whole weekend of fun filled events. One of those is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty where the kids can take the reins of the show and interact with the performers. If you’re looking for something for the wee ones to do at Arts Alive! this is an option! (via CBC)


The city of Montreal is holding a public meeting on September 12, 5PM at the council chamber of City Hall to adopt the recommendations of a May meeting on fighting racial and social profiling in the city. There will be information published online on Friday, September 15. What does this have to do with theatre? Equity is important! National News

National News

We like to think of the arts as a special place untouched by things so pedantic as skyrocketing real estate prices. Isn’t that just for people still plugged into the Matrix? The rat-race people? Toronto is experiencing a some real estate troubles, and here’s a great article on how that situation is affecting the indie theatre scene. (spoiler: it’s not helping). What role does our industry play in societal issues like gentrification? Why are these groups trying to stay away from public funding? When we talk about diversity and equity – that talk needs to address distribution of and access to resources (read: cold hard ca$h) like who has access to a space. Great read. (via the Toronto Star)

International News

This is a SCREAM of an article. The British Library digitized some correspondence from the Lord Chamberlain’s Office about Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. In the Olden Days one had to apply to the Lord Chamberlain to get a license to produce a play, and it had to pass the censors. Their objections seem ridiculous nowadays, and of course Waiting for Godot is one of the greatest plays of the 20th Century – but they fought hard to have it banned! There’s some hilarious gossipy lines like “mixed in the nonsense of the first 12 lines I detect distinct mockery of religion” and some objections to the line “Who farted?” (via the Guardian)


HowlRound talks about the futility in trying to figure out vital statistics about audience composition. The methodology is flawed. Even if you have an optional survey for audience members, studies show not everyone fills them out! So there will always be gaps. Oddly, I thought about Google. They have access to oodles and oodles of their users data and we have … diddly squat! Maybe we need to make an app for that… (via HowlRound)

posted by Caleigh Crow