Touring Network Project

In 2009 in collaboration with the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and the English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) and thanks to support from Canadian Heritage QDF has embarked on a grand initiative – creating an English-language arts touring network throughout English-speaking Quebec.

The aim of the project is to create a network for all disciplines of the performing and visual arts. The network will facilitate access to high quality English-Language arts for Anglophone communities throughout Quebec. Working together with the regions and communities we aim to create a sustainable Touring Network that will benefit artists and communities for many years to come while at the same time creating a cultural legacy.

The project began in 2008 and went into high-gear in November 2009 as we began contacting various English-language community organizations across the province. We began collecting information about organizations (community, municipal, and regional) that are interested in presenting cultural events within their community or learning about how to present arts and cultural events in their communities.

The first phase of this project is to identify organizations interested in joining our database as presenters. This will help us gauge the interest exists in this type of a network. We ask each organization/group to then fill out a brief questionnaire. This questionnaire includes: contact information; information about the organization (mandate, number of events they present each year etc); what types of artistic and cultural events are of interest to the organization as well as general demographic and geographic information.

In conjunction we are also hoping to identify organizations and facilities in the communities that are interested in serving solely as rental venues. For these organizations we have a more technical questionnaire. These venues and facilities are usually available for artists and companies to rent out on a daily or weekly basis.

If you are an organization interested in presenting English-Language arts events for your community or a network wishing to work with us or would like more information about the status of the project, please get in touch with us.

Phase One is now complete (July 2010). The report of phase one, Survey of Arts Presenters and Facilities Serving the English Speaking Community in the Regions of Quebec, is now available. You can download a pdf copy HERE.

Phase Two is now complete (March 2012). The report will soon be available.