Welcome to David Noel, Interim Membership Coordinator


QDF is pleased to welcome David to our team! He is known to us as an animator for our Beyond the Basics program and joins us for the summer as our interim Membership Coordinator. Here’s a note from David:

Hello hello!

As I soon wrap up the Beyond the Basics program which has been more than fun, it is with great joy that I’ve accepted to continue to work for QDF; this time as Membership Coordinator.

I’m now the new guy who will take care of everything that has to do with your membership with us. I’ll make sure you’re notified before your membership expires, I’ll send your new cards by mail and I’ll most probably talk with some of you on the phone. With Fringe coming around the corner, I’ll hopefully get to meet some of you on-site. I LOVE FRINGE.

QDF has been very generous with me, the team (so far) is fun to work with (thank goodness for people who have a sense of humour!) and I’m just happy to get to work in their new office (which I find way more conveniently located and plus it’s close to Resto Vego).

In the meantime, feel free to drop by in person or to give a call.

Oh, about me!

I’m a Regina-born, Quebec City-raised, Montreal-based, New York-obsessed bilingual actor, singer and translator. I come from a family of redheads, I have a twin sister (no, not identical) and I’m also a fairly recent uncle. Other than winning last year’s Fringe Drag Race, I’ve been working in theatre for 9 years and on TV/film for 6 years now. My dream is to make a living doing what I love and my other dream is to own a cottage or a summer home in the country, near a source of water. Oh, and I wouldn’t refuse meeting Julie Andrews, but I’m not too clingy on that one.

Happy it’s-finally-beginning-to-feel-like-summer!


Thank you to David for coming aboard – just in time for FRINGE!

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