Your Online Profile

Here you can see an overview of your QDF Contact Information and Profile. Please ensure all contact information is up to date, and if you’d like to receive a calendar by mail, please check the box on your profile as shown in red in the image below:

You can also see your public QDF Online Profile. This feature allows artists to be included in our database searchable by discipline. By filling out your profile, other artists can peruse our member artists if they are in need of an artist to collaborate with, a lighting designer, for example. It also allows us to show off our amazing and talented membership!

You can include a link to a demo reel, and upload a resume, photos, or a portfolio document, as well as provide a short bio & headshot. If you’d like to be contacted, please include your contact information either on an uploaded file or in your bio, as contact information of our members is kept private.

If you’d rather not have a public profile, you can change the settings by clicking “My Preferences” on the right hand menu.

Here you can toggle which information you’d like displayed. Make sure to click save at the bottom of the page!